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    The difference between men and women

    Seems slow today, so here is a joke I heard on the radio yesterday that made me giggle:

    Her Diary:
    "He seemed distracted today. I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't respond. I am worried about him.
    We went to dinner, but he hardly said a word all evening. I wonder if he is having an affair.
    On the way home he put his arm around me, but it still didn't feel right.
    On walking through the door, we went into the lounge and I tried again to talk to him, but he just put on the TV and sat in front of it.
    I told him I was going to bed.
    Ten minutes later, he came up and we made love, but afterwards he just went to sleep. I am positive he has another woman and I cried myself to sleep."

    His Diary:
    "Football team lost, got laid though"


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    Re: The difference between men and women

    We heard something on the same topic too....

    Men were asked: Do you prefer intelligence over physical beauty?

    The woman had to answer if the guys had answered either:
    A) Over 40% said yes - they prefer intelligence; or
    B) Under 40% said yes.

    She answered A). And was very upset that the answer was B). The (male) announcer than said "She must be smart." in response to her reaction.

    I make no assumptions; we're all individuals.




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