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    Here's an interesting observation - the lifecycle of lists. This could also apply to our lil forum here. Where do you all think we are in the cycle?
    Tim Van Tongeren

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    Re: listcycle

    Honestly? I think we're at 6b. We've had some wonderful growth and some growing pains to go along with it.

    I feel that we're a successful forum because although some of us have been here for a very long time, we still post with regularity and enthusiasm. We have a wonderful community that realizes that 50% of our jobs is explaining what we do to others. By doing so, explaining things here just comes naturally to us.

    I've also found that by explaining things here, helps me to better sort out my position on such topics. It's funny how so many of the topics that come up here seem to pop up in the office soon after!

    It's a great resource - that's what keeps us successful!




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