I know everyone has been bombarded with requests for donations and help, but this particular request is near and dear to my heart... "Greg" below was a very close friend of Jeremy Glick's and works here with me, and so the story hits that much closer to home. Anyone who is still looking for the right place to lend a hand, check this out. Thanks...


I hope this email finds each of you safe and well in this terrible time of
tragedy that we are faced with.

As you many of you already know Jeremy Glick was a very good friend to all
of us at our lake community. Jeremy gave his life on September 11, 2001 for
his family, friends, and our country. He is one of three passengers that
were on UA flight 93 that are now considered national heros. These three men
and possibly other passengers stormed the cockpit and forced the plane to
crash before reaching its intended target believed to be the White House.

Jeremy leaves behind his wife Lyz and their 3 month old daughter Emmy. The
family has set up a trust fund for Emmy and I know many of you have been
asking for information regarding contributions to the trust fund. Checks can
be made payable to The Emerson Glick Foundation and should be sent to PO Box
911 Wyndham, NY 12496. My good friend Jack Brown is working on a website to
commemorate Jeremy. The website is a work in progress at http://www.apluspromo.com/jeremy/

Peace and love,

Emerson Glick Foundation
PO Box 911
Wyndham, NY 12496


Gone, but never forgotten...http://www.thewtcmemorial.com/