I am so very frustrated with this software. Every new version of ALM or UFT introduces new bugs which we have to work around. It takes them forever to fix bugs. I worked with Silktest years and years ago and bugs were far and few between and they fixed them rapidly. I can only recall 3-4 bugs with Silktest where I had to call support and only 1 that took us down for about a week. Twice I've been down 2+ MONTHS with HP. Months. Support is the worst, their answer to absolutely everything is to uninstall and reinstall, and they won't be satisfied with just doing it once, but at least twice.

So very very frustrated, such a huge part of the job was reporting bugs to them and managing that process. So many hours lost to them.

We are going to sunset the HP products and we're closing in on a year adapting Selenium. So far, not a single problem we couldn't resolve.

And as for lack of support for Selenium, well, you can hardly call HP's support helpful.

LeanFT? They must be joking.