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    Career Day at school

    In a moment of weakness I signed up for career day at my son's school for grade 1-6.

    I thought it was a 5 minute speech about what I do as a QA. Turns out is it a 20 minute presentation. They asked me if I had a powerpoint to share.

    Anyone else have Career day presentation experience for Quality Assurance? I work with on Mainframe DB2 tables...not very exciting for 6-12 year olds.

    My son wants to be a train conductor.

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    Re: Career Day at school

    Back when my sons were of elementary school age, I was a regular in the annual Community Readers program.

    Like a career day, the Community Readers went into the classroom and talked about what they did for a job, then read something to the class. The idea was to tell the children how important reading is...

    I found a decent book about computers and software aimed at children of that age at the library that I read from.

    I was surprised how much the kids understood the concept of "bugs" (and this was a few years back). And I explained to them that I was "testing" the computer software just like their teachers sometimes gave them tests.

    The kids always got it right away. And when I asked them "did you ever notice something that seemed like a bug on your computer or in a game" there were always a lot of raised hands.

    I also usually managed to bring something to give to each of the kids - a pad of paper with the company logo, pens, etc. One time I got some stress balls from our marketing department (the kind we gave away at trade shows) - the kids liked those.

    Skip the DB2 talk, speak in general terms. And have fun!

    I guarantee you'll enjoy it. And your son may not appreciate it now, but when he's older he'll almost certainly look back on it fondly.

    Good luck!
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Career Day at school

    [ QUOTE ]
    My son wants to be a train conductor.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    From a very early age, we always told our sons that they would go to college. One of my sons went through a phase where he wanted to be a garbage truck driver. We said that would be great, once he graduated from college.

    (One son is in sales. The other is in software.)
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Career Day at school

    I had a similar experience as Joe when I volunteered for a company sponsored program to teach kids how to program using Lego Mindstorm kits. This was a 5th Grade class, but I had to go in and introduce myself as well as talk about what my role was. Mostly I covered general stuff about testing, the older kids loved it when I said "my job is to try and make the computer crash".

    They did understand computer programs and how things did not work all the time, they understood when I talked about trying to make sure things like that don't happen. Most kids these days are far more technically literate than my generation was, and in the 70's the most technical thing I remember was the pong console for our tv.

    Try and bring some puzzles, or do a programming exercise where the kids need to program a robot to do something, and have one of the kids act as a robot and only do what he is told. I had great fun with that one.
    - M

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    - Unknown

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    Re: Career Day at school

    Puzzles are a great idea. Spot the difference, memory games (like flipping identical cards), and maybe even Mad Minutes (I remember a math class where these were handed out as a reward for good work). Just to name a few.
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