Do you wear black masks so people can't see your face? Do you like smashing things with complete disregard for others? Do you like harassing the innocent and making them fear for their lives?

I'm a single white male, 5'8" tall, 220lbs, balding with the crazy notion of stopping the Olympics! Yeah! Let's stop the Olympics! Vancouver 2010 won't happen because we won't let it! Why?

*whisper* "Crap, that's a question I didn't think of. Why are we suggesting this?"

*whisper* "I don't know, make up something about stolen native land, let's hook onto that train."

Yeah, I'll tell you why! The stolen Native land! Yeah! And the homeless! Yeah, and other economic in-the-now cultural reasons!

*whisper* "Ooooo, good one"

Yeah! So if you're an angry mob and you want to single peaceful protest songs while smashing things, please get in touch with us.

Previous rioting experience not necessary, although it is an asset. Especially if you rioted over other seemingly odd things to riot about, like the Vancouver Canuks going to the Stanley Cup. Yeah, any experience like that would be great! We are still in need of someone with experience lighting cars on fire.

You bring the attitude, we supply the paint. Again, if you want to come out for a great time, and break things. Then let's all go to Vancouver and ruin the Olympics! YAH!!! FOR.................. oh yeah! FOR NATIVE LAND!!!! AND THE ECONOMY!!!!!!


Moral: Please don't do drugs and surf the Internet. This can lead to bad ideas and violence and dates with really ugly people.