A lot of machine for the money. I wouldn't edit video on it, but for web browsing, email, OpenOffice, etc. it looks good I like it, might have to get one.

Check out the prices:

Shuttle's $199 Linux PC | Tech news blog - CNET News.com
"LAS VEGAS--Asus' Eee PC and Everex's CloudBook aren't the only ones pushing down the price of affordable, open-source PCs."

Shuttle launches $199 KPC linux box, $99 barebones kit - Engadget
"Apparently Asus and Everex aren't the only ones capable of shipping dirt cheap linux boxes these days. Shuttle is getting into the game with its new KPC box. Unfortunately, we're way short on specs, but we do know that it'll be coming in $199 pre-built and $99 barebones versions. At least it's a looker, here's hoping there's something decent under the hood. No word on release date. More pictures after the jump!"