An irishman walks into a pub and orders 3 pints of guiness. He clinks the three glasses together, drinks out of each glass equally until all are drained, pays his tab and walks out.

The next day he comes in and does the same thing. And the next. After about a week the bartender gets curious and asks why he drinks in this manner.

The irishman replies, "My brothers and I promised each other that if ever we were seperated, we would drink to each other in this manner as if we were still together."

The irishman continued this ritual for about a year until one day he came in and only ordered 2 beers. The bartender asked him what had happened to his brother.

The irishman got a confused look on his face and asked "What do you mean?"

The bartender pointed out that he only had 2 beers instead of his usual 3.

"oh that," says the irishman, "is because i quit drinking."