As a citizen of San Diego, like everyone else, I want to help my community. People I know all over the country have asked me how they can help. Well, here it is...

Do you know someone at an elementary school? If you don't, can you stop by a school and ask a principal? Please feel free to forward to friends and family.

We're looking for posters to be made by children. Posters need to be doors, the crazier and more Halloweenish the better! We don't care if they use paints, crayons, colored pencils or whatever medium they wish to use. We do want children to use their imaginations and to emphasize to them that they are going to help the kids of San Diego county enjoy the best Halloween party ever because it shows the country cares about them. We might want to do this again for Thanksgiving and Christmas for kids that are displaced as they won't be going home maybe for 6 months. This is our way of spreading joy and kids from all over the country can help.

First Halloween: Please contact a local elementary school and/or a teacher who would like to get involved. We want each door to be something of the child's imagination and it doesn't have to have a theme. It just has to somehow look like a door. We also are looking for each child to sign their names and what school, town & state the door poster comes from, a teacher's name as well as a grade level.

These doors are going to be attached to tables where each child can come and "knock" or "ring a doorbell" and have trick or treat. Then we'll have games like Kickball, Simon Sez, Chinese Hopscotch, Red Light/Green Light, toss a bean bag on a large grid, three legged races etc. We hope to have musical entertainment as well. The point though is for the kids to get together and play like one big neighborhood.
Me and a friend are going to get involved with other volunteers and throw Halloween Parties at the various evacuation locations throughout San Diego County. So we'll need lots and lots of door posters.

I'll also accept prepackaged Halloween candy to give out to kids. So if you wish to send a couple of bags, that's great but that isn't what we're really asking.

I promise pictures will be taken of each door poster we receive and we'll put them on a website somewhere (to be determined) for folks to look at. We'll take pictures of each of the parties too.

If you can or know of someone who can participate, please contact me via email:
All questions will be answered through this email
DO NOT REPLY TO MY PERSONAL EMAIL, please! I don't want to get any replies lost in my personal email.

Note; this is something that is done by a couple of SD residents and currently we are not involved with any group. We hope to get volunteers throughout the county involved and we think this can be done, but it needs to be done fast. I will reply from the sdpartyconnection@gmail.com email to those that wish to get involved with this happy event.

Remember I will need posters before Oct 31st which is next Wed. So this has to be done fast. Emails will get responded to quickly on where to send the posters.

Thanks everyone!