Hi Guys!

I know this sounds very weird but I'm getting obsessed on finding the most comfortable keyboard i can find that is of a reasonable price and sold in Singapore. (Something like the ergo technology, M model, buckling spring, clicky keyboards...)

A month ago I bought a logitech keyboard which is straining my fingers as it's suppose to be soft touch. The problem is that with that I have to type extra hard as I am unable to determine if i have already pressed a key! (last time i bought a logitech keyboard, it was nice, noisy and responsive...)

And sometimes the spacebar gets stuck if pressed in a certain way!!! It's driving me nuts! makes me feel like i've got some compulsive disorder when i start banging the keys because the spacebar gets stuck cos i press it too much...but if i don't press it too much...the space doesn't appear!

Just want to get some general ideas on what keyboard model you guys uses?
The university i used to attend used Keytronic (not sure the model) and i really like typing on it...

My colleague has this model (bought from japan) that has different pressure on different keys to prevent straining. And boy is the keyboard comfortable to type on! I know if i were willing to pay I can order online from Keytronic of such keyboards... but i'm just trying to find out if there are other brands that anyone uses which is readily available here locally, so at least i can type around to test it.. [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]