Symptomatic of the way things have been going:;f=34;t=003307

1. Wrong title. Should have mentioned PERL
2. Good topic - PERL, I believe, is a powerful tool (from what I've heard).
3. Bad question. Perhaps should have been something like "Anyone using PERL extensively for automated testing? What are your good/bad experiences?"
4. Two newbie responses, one useless, one pretty good.
5. Rants by the rest of us.

It has all the hallmarks of what a thread should NOT be, with just enough gold shining in the dirt to see what it MIGHT have been. Mercy - if it had REALLY been along the lines I suggested, I would have been EXTREMELY interested - I'm musing about the possibility of using PERL in our shop, since our products do not lend themselves to the use of conventional automated test tools.