I am posting this message on behalf of Bret Hutchinson.



I am in the process of organizing a beta for a company out of India. They
develop a thick-client collaboration application. It can be used by small
groups as well as large organizations. This software gives the user the
ability to work in a workgroup environment. They can create small groups of
interactive users as well as large 200+ users in a group. There is also a
File sharing feature that allows the users in the groups to share files,
have a two-way text chat session, and a two-way voice chat session. There
is also a Shared Whiteboard aspect to the application. This allows multiple
users the ability to edit a document all at the same time in a conference
setting if you will. One other feature they have is Group Calendaring.

The company I am working with would like me to get a company or two that
would be interested in beta testing their software. I have negotiated with
them that the company would get double the amount of participants in
licensed users of their software. So for example if they had 20 users they
would get a 40 user license version of the software free for helping with
the beta.

I know you work and have worked with many large and small companies. I am
wondering if you know of a company or two that would be interested in Beta
testing the software? Would you be willing to put some feelers out and see
if anyone you know might be interested. If you come across some willing
companies would you direct them to me? I would really appreciate any help
you can give me in this endeavor. They have given me a real short time to
find beta test site. They are hoping to have all the beta sites on board by
the 24th of February. I told them that might be too soon, but I would do my

Thank again for all the help you have been to me.

Bret Hutchison
Hutch Testing, LLC