Thought some of my fellow nerds, errrrr, IT/testing guys might get a kick out of it. ;-)

Amateur Economist: Review: Timex Expedition WS4 Wristwatch
"This arrived yesterday after I ordered it from Amazon over the weekend. Some of the pics are credited to Kong/PuristSPro. Which pics? The good ones. ;-) First impressions? It's huge, cool, affordable, and the gadget/wow factor is very high. I am proud to admit that I have not owned a quartz watch of any kind in 4+ years, and have not (until now) worn a digital watch since the mid 1980s. At one point I did have one of those Casio G-Shocks with a temperature sensor, the model that looked like a traditional G-Shock but had the little round dot (about the size of a BB) on the bottom of the display."