this is venugopal
i am new to pushtotest and selenium. How can i record and run the selenium scripts in pushtotest?
i recorded basic script in selenium IDE in firefox and saved as xxx.selenese.
if i run in the same selenium it is success.

so now plz guide me how can i go from here to play using pushtotest.

i tried in my way as following
i opened functional test in pushtotest. Here in test type i tried for selenium and selenium RC also

i am getting an error saying that LOCALHOST Failing and log is as follows:

Initializing Designer
Initializing Preferences
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: isFirstTimeBrowserClicked
Initializing API Documentation
Invoking user interface

Creating new designer script: UntitledTestObject
Initializing Data Production Library
Initializing Object Repository

Plz guide me to move ahead..........
plz suggest needful documents to refer....