I have installed the TM 6 community product on a Windows 7 64 bit system and have a number of problems in just trying to get thru the tutorials.

1) The tutorials do not match the actual file name shipped with the installation, minor but notable.
2) When the tutorial gets to the first functional scenario, it will not open the shipped Selenium_Functional_Test.scenario. It keeps coming up with the following message:

Scenario "E:\Program Files\PushToTest_TestMaker\tutorials\Selenium_WebT est_Tutorial\Selenium_Functional_Test.scenario" broken
DuplicateResource: 2 Resources with same name: BrewBizTestData.ds

I have tried deleting my test copy from the tutorial, which is in a diff folder, but nothing seems to get past this issue.

3) When I try to run the load scenario it just keeps failing and has to be manually stopped.

4) If I try to uninstall TM it comes up with a JVM error of "Could not find the main class, Program will exit." So I can't even get rid of the application.

While TM looks like it could be very useful, for a program that says it starts at $25k, the community edition certainly does not give a good first impression for wanting to go any further.

Any help in getting to a point of even being able to test it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,