When recording a simple registration test through a web portal, we noticed upon playback that the script wouldn’t pick up on the address selections.

The address selection box is a hidden field until the postcode (zip) has been entered and searched on. Once a match has been found for the postcode, the addresses are returned in a box within the same page for selection.

When selecting this within the design (recording) stages it picked up the correct address details to be used and recorded them within the correct steps. However, upon playback it seemed to be unable to pick up this additional field resulting in the step failing.

We inserted a “wait” command with a value of 5000ms thinking TM6.1 Community just needed a little time to register the “hidden” (now viewable) field ~ however, this still didn’t result in the required recognition of the step.

A work around we implemented is using the "enter address manually" link which then allowed the input of address into their separate fields (address line 1, address line 2 etc etc).

This is fine for data creation or a simple regression test. However, doesn't prove the functionality of the address lookup and a regression/ functional test.

Any suggestions on how we are able to make the script pick up on this field? !