Whilst running a functional test script with a data sheet attached, we stopped the script mid-way through and closed the controller window down. However, it appeared the test was still running as multiple blank browsers were being launched and closed ~ It appeared this was trying to go through example.sahi.com.xxxxxxxxxx URL.

This issue wasn’t specifically able to be reproduced so not sure exactly why this was happening, or can’t give you specific steps to follow apart from the following info being used:

Test Type – Designer script
Script type recorded – Sahi
Recorded bowser – FF (13.0.1)
Command Language – Selenium
Browser – IE
DPL – 20 data sets (Just Email addresses)

Having had a quick look into it last night, it appears that if the data sheet had a null value/ row at the end of the file, it would then launch this blank browser and try loading this "example.shai.com.xxxxx" url.

However, that doesn't clarify why it would keep loading and closing the browser when the play back has been stopped.