Hi everyone! I just started to explore pushToTest.
I ran into some issues with setup already:

#1 I was sure to meet all requirements, but PushToTest failed to install with the blank screen/nothing happens. After digging in the forum I noticed that I need to install 64bit Java instead of 32bit version what was installed on my 64bit system (can't remember why). Most evidend indicator: PushToTest Setup wants to install to x86 programm files directory if you have only 32bit java installed.

#2 I still got the message:
Unable to determine operating environment type
Please read windows_folder_access_readme.html

Here I was asking myself why isn't that file linked directly and where to find it?
However with checking the source access_testmaker.cmd I've noticed that your batch checks for "OS Name". But on non-english systems this string may not exist in systeminfo output (in german it is called "Betriebssystemname". Also the "/grant Users" option is language dependent (for me correct wording is: "/grant Benutzer").
You may change this to a more robust way.

best regards