Hi Everyone:

I changed the Hudson build service for TestMaker Enterprise 6.5 to build a universal Windows installer. Previously the build service created installers for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems. These installers were mostly an accommodation for a bug in IZPack, the TestMaker installer, where the Windows Start Menu short-cut installation fails on some Windows environments. The new Universal Windows installer does not install Windows short-cuts or desktop items.

I have also disabled the Linux build until Appcelerator is able to provide a fix to Titanium for Linux Desktop bug fix that prevents Editor and Designer from operating correctly. The solution for Linux users will be to use DesignerWeb and EditorWeb in TestMaker Enterprise 6.5. Or, to contribute a fix to the TestMaker Community project. Or, to use an XML editor to configure TestScenarios - really not that bad.

In my estimation we are a few weeks away from launching 6.5 Desktop.

Let me know your feedback and thoughts to this.