I've recently downloaded TestMaker 6.1 Community. I found it very interesting, but unfortunately it won't feed our needs as I was expecting.

Basically we need a solution to mantain tests developed with TestNG + Selenium 2.0 (probably having an integration with any CI tool). So far, we have a framework that uses TestNG suites as entry points and Selenium Webdriver API to execute the commands, which are read/feed on XLS files. Since we are working with Maven, it was not hard to integrate our projects on Hudson. But it was clear that something was missing: maintaining our test cases/groups/scenarios, so that's where TestMaker comes in.

However, looks like we are missing (sorry if some of these doesn't make sense or if I'm missing something):

- TestNG integration to mantain XML suite files;
- Selenium 2.0 support so we can keep track of the selenese scripts and commands the same way it's done with Selenium 1.0 now;
- A Maven plugin?
- Hudson/Jenkins plugin?

I've read that a Selenium 2.0 integration is underway, but what about the other ones?