I recorded a script for testing a web application using Object Designer. The script runs fine when I play it through designer in FireFox but it fails when played using HtmlUnit through designer as well as editor.

I keep getting following error -
The first parameter passed to _setValue was not found on the browser

The script tries to fill some textboxes after a button click which opens a new page. Seems like the button click fails because of which the browser is not able to find the next control to act on. Using "wait" doesn't help.

Please advice.


I'm getting the same error.

I created a script that logs into a web application. The designer script runs fine on Firefox. It runs fine as a functional test using Firefox. The functional test fails when I change the browser selection from Firefox to sahihtmlunit.

Why does this work fine one way and then completely fail running the same script through sahihtmlunit. Why are we getting this error "The first parameter passed to _setValue was not found on the browser"?

If something so simple fails so readily how can I even consider spending time on more complex scripts...