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    Performance Testing of SAP R/3 SAPGUI etc

    Does anybody know or (even better!) have experience with load testing tools for "classical" (SAPGUI) SAP R/3 applications?
    Is there any alternative to MI Load Runner?
    I found reference to LoadAutomation and AutoTester products. Does anybody know them and how they compare with Mercury in terms of features, pricing etc ?

    Raynald Korchia

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    Re: Performance Testing of SAP R/3 SAPGUI etc

    The only two I have ever been aware of were AutoTester and Mercury Interactive. I have used MI's solution several times at client sites and have found it to be as easy to use as any of their other tools.
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    Re: Performance Testing of SAP R/3 SAPGUI etc

    In case you are still interested in SAP load/performance testing tools:

    At the moment, I am evaluating exactly that question for a German SAP customer, and my results will be sth. like that:

    The only relevant tools for testing the latest SAP releases (e.g. SAPGUI 6.20 for Windows) are
    - LoadRunner
    - The SAP-internal load control software recently developed by SAP Test Management Consulting (which I am working for)

    The other ones (such as Compuware, Rational or Segue tools) are not capable of the current SAP technology (e.g. the Controls).

    Pro Mercury:
    - lots of non-SAP environments supported
    - very, very expensive

    Pro SAP:
    - Much cheaper than LoadRunner (about 12,000$ for the software plus some thousand $ for training and consulting)
    - Closely integrated in SAP
    - Only SAP solutions supported

    All in all, both provide practically unlimited load testing (i.e. VU) for SAP, the SAP tool is much cheaper, but limited to SAP; LoadRunner can handle other environments, too, but is much more expensive.

    There are some more differences, but these are (at least for my current customer) probably the crucial ones.



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