I was wondering if anyone knew how to get JMeter to Repeat entire Test Cases at set intervals.

For example, Can JMeter Run an entire Test Case, then stop for a set interval of say 5 minutes, and then run the entire Test Case again after the set interval and so on.....

The only option that I've been able to locate that comes close to doing this is the Constant Timer object. However when configured, it only applies the waiting period in between each HTTP request OR in a test.
(i.e If there are 5 HTTP requests that make up the Test Case then when the Test Case runs, JMeter will impose a 5 minute wait in between EACH HTTP request.)

Is there a way to configure JMeter so that it will first complete all 5 HTTP requests consecutively in the Test Case and then impose the 5 Minute waiting period at the very end of that run-through before repeating?

Thanks in advance, any help or pointers would be appreciated.