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    Performance Metrics

    hi techies,

    a. What are the common useful Performance metrics in a CLient Server DB Application Testing like
    1. % Processor Time Utilization (Server,Client,DB)
    2. Physical Memory Utilization (Server,Client, DB)

    b. What are the common metrics of a Database ?
    like 1. Transactions Rate

    c. Kindly explain the usage of these metrics, so that we can have this information at one point.

    d. And also the methodology to benchmark these metrics

    Thank you
    QA - Engineer

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    Re: Performance Metrics

    1. Processor Time Utilization (Client to Server, Server to Client and Server to DB and back)
    2. Memory utilization (See above)
    3. Database transaction rate

    hope that helps
    Test Well and Prosper

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    Re: Performance Metrics

    b. Check for locks, timeouts, cache memory utilization, # of connections

    d. Metrics cannot be benchmarked. You can benchmark an application by collecting the metrics from a test and define that as your benchmark.
    Roland Stens

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    Re: Performance Metrics

    Also look for free heap utilization and CPU queue length.



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