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    What is fail-over testing and difference between fail-over and load testing

    Can any one explain by what is meant by fail-over testing? Is fail-over testing and load testing same or are they different? If different, then what is the difference?

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    Re: What is fail-over testing and difference between fail-over and load testing


    They are only two types of technical test :
    -Performance test
    in that test you are interested by what happen inside your transaction. which cpu cunsummation, I/o acces, query on database. you analyse the transaction in detail and you check what happen's.

    -load testing
    in that test you are interested by the transaction respond time. you do not study the transaction in details but in globallity and in charge situation.
    you will progressively charge your transaction.
    The critic rate which is necessary to upload your transaction is the over load .

    sorry for my poor english

    good luck

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    Re: What is fail-over testing and difference between fail-over and load testing

    Hi mayankneralla,

    Fail Over Testing and Load Testing are different form of testing which we perform on the Business application architecture,Hardware and flow of Business logic.

    Fail over testing: Fail over testing is a type of testing with which we validate the process flow i,e Business Logic when a componet fail.
    Example: In A call Center application there are different business process happening let us take a Business flow that is for customer Idententification and authenticate for which the business has decided that they build two server for this operation to be on a safer side if Server A crashes then Server B should take the charge of the Business process Flow.

    In Fail Over testing we test whether that Server B is taking charge of serving the customer when Server A get crashed because of unforseen risks.
    ex:Validating Load Balancing,Primary and Secondary servers.

    Now about Load testing is the testing performed with anticipated risks like User Load which may increase from time to time.The purpose of Loadtesting is to find that whether the application can scale up to the expectations if the is a Increase in User Load or in the transfer of Huge data.

    Swetha Kumar
    Swetha Kumar



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