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    perforamnce test scenario

    Hi ..
    I'm monitoring an environment with WAS61 and DB2 on AIX platform,and as a client i'm using the jmeter,
    I create a script in jmeter that create new user on our appliaction(Select and update statements).
    When i staring the script the throughput is about 20per sec
    but after a while(10 min) it decrease (get to 8 throughput)
    there is a increase in the DB machine CPU and the context switch also increasing
    In the APP Machine there is a decrease in the CPU
    I configure the DB2 a far as i know,
    If you have any idea on how to know what is the problem please Help, i running out of ideas

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    Re: perforamnce test scenario

    check your scenario for any discrepancy…
    are you putting all user together or have sharp ramp up which may result in high CPU on apps in beginning and later when users start executing update/insert db see high CPU…just a thought



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