I wish to have the information on the following :

1. To calculate the execution time taken by a QA Run script.

2.How to perform a Load test with QA Load (procedures involved like creation of driver scripts,including functional scripts in them,login parts etc).

3. Average response time taken by the QA Run script during Load test(when running parallely with QA Load).

4.What is the impact on the script when the "Attach Alias" checkbox is unchecked from the Attach Logic Tab of Learn Settings option.

5.The problem which i am facing with the QA Run scripts is that they are executing properly at a later time even though there is no change in the functionality of the screen for which the script has been captured.(for example the selection of values in the combo box/listbox/ or right clicking on a GUI screen to make a Window Popup to select an option from it are not functioning properly at a later point of time).

I would appreciate if any one can provide me the necessary details to debug the script.