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    Regarding Volume testing

    I need small help, i want know some information and free download tools about volume testing.

    our application is developed in Java, JSP with EJB's, WebSphere application server and DB2 as database.

    I dont want to invest on this so please give details about free download tools to do this testing.



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    Re: Regarding Volume testing

    So what exactly do you want to test?
    As always, the tool is almost irrelevant if you do not have a concise set of testing goals for your application.

    Please expand on your question a bit more so that we can help you more effectively.

    Roland Stens

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    Re: Regarding Volume testing

    please be more specific???
    u want to do load testing or functional testing?

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    Re: Regarding Volume testing

    If it is not possible to purchase tool then best option could be writing program in java to stress your application from different client machines.

    If you are looking from functional point of view then decide which areas are more critical important for testing. Test either manually or go for automation (using any free tool) If it one time testing then better to do manually. Because it seems free tools may not support your application and learning period may be more.

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