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MACT users

FAQ: Can I set up MACT to use windows domain User/Passwords:-

Having looked into this issue I can now see that MACT will use the User/Password s set in the Groups for the http Authorization challange.

The issue is that if you use the automated recording script you will see the 'Authorization code' hard coded in the header requests. This Authorization code does in fact have in it the embedded user/password (encrypted) this 'hard coded' version will be for the user/password of the user that was used during the script creation..BUT in most cases it doesn't matter since if you use a Group of User/Password then the first Logon request will contain the correct 'autorization code' and this will typically be used to identify the user set up a session cookie and log on to the application. The fact that the subsequent http authorization codes doesn't match the first only has implications if the domain access is different for users in the User Group. This is not normally the case as this is System access not Application access. Typically the application access will be determined by the initial log on value (and session information).

I will make a suggestion to MS that the Authorization code be an 'Automatic value', based on the values in the User Group so as unique User/Passwords are correctly embedded into this code.




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