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    Avalanche load testing tool

    Hi All,
    Have anyone heard about a tool named Avalanche Load testing tool from Spirent?
    I am evaluating this tool, but from my understanding that tool is meant for network testing. Will this be useful for testing web applications, have anyone worked on this tool before

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    Re: Avalanche load testing tool

    It's not meant to test web applications.

    It's used to testing network infrastructure, I believe - equipment like routers, for example.

    For what purpose are you conducting this evaluation? What are you looking for?
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    Re: Avalanche load testing tool

    I was also under the impression that these type devices were only used for network testing at OSI Layers 1-6.

    But according to their website it can also be used for web testing: http://www.spirentcom.com/analysis/t...=109&WS=12

    "Web Application Testing: Spirent Avalanche can perform Web application testing including Web services, SOA, ERP and CRM applications with Spirent Avalanche’s application testing capability to support cookie, session ID, dynamic link, automatic follow redirect, additional header, content validation, SOAP message, think time, variable think time and variable assignment"
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    Re: Avalanche load testing tool


    Yes they do web, I've used an Avalanche box to load test a website.

    On the plus side Avalanche kit is very powerful and can produce large amounts of load very quickly.

    The scripting tool and scripting was quite basic, so there would probably be quite a bit of script dev effort for anything other than loading some basic web pages.

    Also don't expect a polished product like LoadRunner and be prepared to live with a few 'issues'.
    Hope this helps.




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