Has anyone had the experience of using the MS-SQL 7.0 Client utilities to backup/restore the SilkPerformer 4.5 database? I have a situation with a Controller/license server machine that is having problems and we need to back off the database and restore it after a rebuild.
I have installed the SQL Client utilities and it updated the MSDE modules. I have backed up (via Enterprise Manager backup) the SilkPerformer dB, and have done DTS exports of the tables (secondary backup just in case).
Now when I go to restore the database I will use the SQL 7 Ent.Mgr. and need to know if this will cause any problems for SilkPerformer 4.5 afterwards.
(Don't tell me to talk to Segue support, I can't for business reasons out of my control).
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Jim Hazen