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    Difference between QALoad and LoadRunner

    We are starting to look at Load Testing Tools and I'm wondering what the differences are between QALoad and LoadRunner. (Besides the Price) What can LoadRunner do that QALoad can't? (and vice versa)


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    Re: Difference between QALoad and LoadRunner

    I have not used QALoad for ages now but of all the performance tools there is hardly anything that one can't do that the other can.
    I have recently used LoadRunner, Rational Test Manager and SilkPerformer.
    The differences will normally be the following:
    1) Price
    2) A few more supports for diffrent protocols or applications

    Thats it really. For instance a few years back I thought Rational was ahead on creating workload models but then Loadrunner added better workload modelling in release 6.5 - 7.0.
    I thought Silk 2-3 years ago was doing best on managing session ID's but now they all can automatically find session ID's in web sessions, etc. So basically if it is a good feature and another tool has it you can bet the others will incorporate it in a future release. QALoad may just about still rule the roost with performance measurements due to it's sister products that are live production measurement tools but you have to pay if you want added granuality in reading/collecting performance data.

    So if you choose any of the following:-

    a) SilkPerformer
    b) LoadRunner
    c) QALoad
    d) Test Manager

    You will find there is not that much in it so really price, support and whether it works with your app is most of what you need to know! Functionally the reports they produce, virtual user management, functions available are all pretty much the same.
    I've finished my functional Test Tool comparison, I'm working on an as detailed performance test one I need a later version of QALoad though! There is a nice overview of performance tools in the download section!

    The Test Force is strong in this one

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    Re: Difference between QALoad and LoadRunner

    I'm trying to using Test Manager from Rational to do some performance/load testing. Unfortunately I don't know much about this tool. Can somebody show me where I could get more information about this tool besides Rational? I want stuffs like tips, tutorials...

    I would appreciate your help very much.


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    Re: Difference between QALoad and LoadRunner

    Hop to topic Test Manager in qaforums.

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    Manoj Jain
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