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    Good and economic loadtesting tool

    Could anyone suggest a good and economic load testing tool to load test a webpage. I work for an ad agency and will be using the tool only few times a year.
    These are the requirements for selection of the tool:
    -Should be quite economic as we will be using only few times a year.
    - Should be able to load test a webpage to find the maximum number of concurrent users which the server can handle.
    - Should be able to interpret the results in graphical and tabular format.
    - Should have good documentation.

    I apprecite your input on this.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Good and economic loadtesting tool

    Economic depends upon your level of financial risk. If you are a mortgage processor that handles over a trillion dollars (US) or transactions a year, then the risk is significant and therefore alomost any amount you spend on a tool and services to reduced your financial exposure has a sound economic basis.

    if your ad agency is using this site for booking new business on a quarterly basis and a significant portion of the financial revenue stream is at risk is something does not scale, then you should examine your annualized revenue stream which is at risk. What would you be willing to pay for an insurance policy against the loss of such an annualized revenue stream? Set your budget and go shopping.
    James Pulley

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    Re: Good and economic loadtesting tool

    check out some open source tools: http://www.opensourcetesting.org/performance.php

    I recommend looking at Apache JMeter, and OpenSTA.
    Corey Goldberg
    Homepage: goldb.org
    Twitter: twitter.com/cgoldberg
    Google+: gplus.to/cgoldberg

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    Re: Good and economic loadtesting tool

    for economic load test tool

    first you analysis all the tools ,which is available in the market, and checkout your management, and proceed further

    economic is fully depends upon your mgmt its not common for all

    OpenSTA is the best economical tool,


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    Re: Good and economic loadtesting tool

    I suggest you for economic and good documentation to learn and work is ‘Webload’ Open Source.

    Try out and decide it suits for your need



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