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    LoadRunner and IIS


    Can anyone tell me if you had any experience (good or bad) with
    LoadRunner, running on Win2k pro, with IIS. is there a connection pool
    limit, I think it is 10. if so how do i get pass this problem. Also do
    you know if LoadRunner works well with apache.



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    Re: LoadRunner and IIS

    Your limitation is not with LoadRunner, but your installation of IIS on a workstation version of a Microsoft operating system with a Microsoft Web Server. This is ___by_design__ from Microsoft. This began back in the days when SQL Server 4.21 and the SNA version about the same time were released on Windows NT workstation (3.51 at the time, 1994). Unless the server software was installed on a server version of Microsoft OS, only ten connections would be allowed into the box. Yes, I worked for Microsoft at the time of the shift.

    You can imagine, overnight thousands of NT Advanced Servers were sold to underpin existing SQL Servers and SNA Servers in deployment and Microsoft had a platform for continued sales of NT into Novell and Banyan accounts, "Well, you're already buying Windows on the Desktop and Windows for your departmental database and gateway servers, Why not replace your file and print ones while you're at it..."

    Run your load test against a version of Windows 2000 server with IIS, or a Beta version of .NET Server with IIS and your 10 connection limit should be expanded to the limit of your server license.

    Will an installation of Apache get around this? I have seen many more than 10 connections going into and out of Apache, DB2 and Oracle servers running on versions of Microsoft OS Desktop software prior to Windows XP, but if Microsoft has moved the gatekeeper from the service to the OS you'll be in the same position with Apache as you are now with IIS.

    Anyone else have any experience with Apache on XP for connection limits.

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