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    Correct way of Test Execution

    I want to know what is Ideal or the correct way to execute the test. I have read a document which tells the merits and demerits of Flat Run and Ramp-up.
    I want to know if ramp-up option is chosen then what is interval that should be kept between two Users.
    If the test done in iterative manner then for how much time the given load is to be kept constant.
    In this context can anyone tell the correct way for test Execution.

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    Re: Correct way of Test Execution

    both steady-state and increasing workloads are bot useful. As to the parameters used for generating load.. that depends on what you are testing and your goals.
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    Re: Correct way of Test Execution

    If we go for steady-state then idealy what should be time interval between 2 users eg 1 sec or 5 secs or 10 users per min.
    What would be the best way for execution?

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    Re: Correct way of Test Execution

    The time interval should represent reality (or whatever condition you are trying to gather information about.)

    That's why you (and many others) can't find the "standards" you are looking for. Unless or until all people (or even most people) interact with all applications(or even most applications) the same way, how can there be a standard?

    If our goal is to determine, predict, estimate, or improve user experience, then the only answer to any question like yours is "Do it the way that is most representative of your users on your application.
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    Re: Correct way of Test Execution

    The document outlining the merits of ramp-ups and flat runs sounds interesting - can anyone point me in the direction of this document please, or similar materials?




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