We have got a project from a call center.

A caller has got a computer & a telephone device attached to it .. it has got its own device-id... the device is in turn attached to switch & whci in turn is attached with CTI server. This is architecture.

WE have to use 1 system which has got Rational Suite TestStudio, the other system that we gonno get is the one which is there at call center. thats it.

They have got a CTI server thru which the calls can be made; in modes - progressive and predictive. In Progreesive mode, the caller has to make a call & recognize "human voice" & then only start talking . In predictive calling, there is a dialer which dials a list on number & itself recognizes the "human voice" on the other end, then only it send a popup to the caller (which ever is free) so that the caller can talk to that person.

Now we need to simulate, supposingly 100 users to monitor the load and performance of the CTI server. To know how many users it can handle consurrently.

The issue which raised while we had discussion among the team members was : if we try to simulate the packet whcih was captured during recording wont it engage the line? We also thought of replicating the packet and providing it with different device ID and then send it... wont the CTI Server understand that it was sent thru same device but this time the ID is different.? Is this possible.

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