This is a very specific problem, so if you are familiar with survey players such as Quancept by SPSS, I would really appreciate your patience as you read. My questions are in the last two paragraphs.

I work on a project developing an application called a survey player. The company I work for is a Market Research firm. I have a little over a years experience in performance testing and about 7 years experience in functional testing. I have no experience at all testing survey players.

Here's my problem, the performance metrics I collect during a test vary based on the complexity of the survey I use to test the application. I have been using the same surveys to execute each test, but someone could write an extremely complex survey, and the production version of this application would perform completely different from the way it performs in test.

First, are there any industry standard performance metrics for comparing survey players? My project leader and I keep getting this question from management and it deserves an answer.

Next, any advice you might have on how to mitigate the risk of survey complexity or best practices would be much appreciated. I am testing both complex and simple surveys and collecting metrics for both. Some of the metrics I'm collecting include failure rate, average response time, throughput and survey completion rate. They all seem to depend on the complexity of the survey.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.


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