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    Testing Data Streamers

    Hi !

    I'm here in France, trying to prepare a load tests campaign over data streamers as Lightstreamer or Caplin.(http://www.lightstreamer.com provides an example for training, record etc...).

    The thing is that the streamer server keeps answering, so that you need to force the virtual users behaviour, in order to artificially stop the communication between the client and the streamer server, and use a "truncated-like" server response.

    At the moment, I can record, but I don't succeed in replaying. It seems that a subscription thread is blocking : I can't correlate the LS_phase variable it corresponds to, which seems to be calculated on the client from a previous server response.

    Do you have similary experiences?
    Do you want to try on lightstreamer URL and share your results? Sounds like a challenge, sorry about that, but I thank you in advance for your help if you can give me a bit time.


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    Re: Testing Data Streamers

    Which load testing tool are you using?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Testing Data Streamers

    I haven't used Lightstreamer, but I have worked with similar technology (low latency HTTP via COMET). It indeed presents a challenge, as it doesn't use a traditional request/response like normal HTTP. Instead you poll a server and open connections to stream content through.

    However, what is your actual question? You didn't really ask anything.
    Corey Goldberg
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