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    tips to improve website performance?

    dear all,

    kindly give me a idea/tips about how to improve the website performance (load/stress)?


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    Re: tips to improve website performance?

    Go for Load and Stress testing and see what comes up.Then analyse what needs to improved, your code,your database,your hardware stats etc.

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    Re: tips to improve website performance?

    there are many books on the subject. it depends on many factors which you haven't provided.
    Corey Goldberg
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    Re: tips to improve website performance?

    Here are a few tips:
    * Do less (processing, swapping, sending, receiving, logging etc.)
    * Do it more efficiently (see Do Less)
    * Eliminate performance killers like Database locking, thrashing, chatty network traffic etc.
    * Cache as much as you can
    * Test, evaluate, update and repeat
    * Know how good it needs to be or when you can stop
    * Save tuning effort after you start to have acceptable performance

    Roland Stens



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