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    How to load test a online flash game

    Dear members,

    I would like to know how a tester can load test a online flash game for say 10,000 users.

    AIM -> Its a single user game, wherein the user needs to pass certain obstacles and reach the finish line in record time.

    As part of the challenge,he has to first select a user whose record he wants to break.

    Interaction Flow ->
    (1)Through the url,the user enters the main screen of the game
    (2)The user is requested to enter the username and password (if he has registered)
    Or else,
    He has to click on the register tab
    (3)Once in, the user is allowed to select a particular role (dragon fly ,catwoman)from a list of roles.
    (4)Then the user has to select the opponent (country wise)whose lap time he wants to defeat.
    (5)once done, the race begins, the user has to use come basic keys to avoid the obstacles to compelete the race afap.

    i am not sure if we can use any available automation tool for this testing activity.

    Looking forward to your comments,

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    Re: How to load test a online flash game

    Did you check with development team how online flash game works? How it is implemented?
    Did you research how performance test tool works?
    Did you document the objective or questions you want to answer by doing performance testing?

    Answers to the above questions will help you to move forward on this..!

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    Re: How to load test a online flash game

    1. Normal flash games work in a way, the game will be downloaded to client's machine and only the scores will be updated to server.
    2. Few online games will work differently. Each movement of the gamer will be communicated to server.

    Load testing on the first case will be very simple.

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    Re: How to load test a online flash game

    You'll need to have a baseline for each operation w/o only one logged-on user....get baselines for each user functionality you mentioned.

    You'll need to monitor response time and the time to complete an operation.

    Now just logon <x> users incrementally from 1 to 10,000 (I'd pick maybe 1, 2, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000). You may want to come up with an expected number of users to be logged on as well. You want good performance at those numbers. Will there be more more in the PM than AM? If so, you may have different expectations for simultaneously logged-in users. If you get bad numbers on the upper end you'll want to rerun with the expected loads and see if results are acceptable.

    Each user should perform operations continually in order to simulate a load on the app server. Then pick an operation and obtain data i.e. response time and completing an entire operation. Do this for each operation you describe above.

    automation will help you similate the load on the app server and continully execute operations on each client to generate the load.

    You should also look at monitoring the machine resources on the client and the server machines throughout the test as well.

    Is there a need to run tests at different network speeds?
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