Some time ago I wrote a post about some testing I was doing where I analysed the logfile and created a load profile based on the size and frequency of the files requested.

So instead of creating test scripts based on user interaction with the site (user profiles) which would be complicated, my scripts simply request odd pages and therefore are much simpler.

As an example, the user profile might be to request the homepage, which might be 1 HTML, 2 CSS, 3 JS and 5 GIFs.

My script makes the same number of requests, but instead of requesting the 5 different GIFs, my script requests the average size GIF 5 times, instad of requesting 3 JS files it requests the same one 3 times etc.

As the site doesn't cache content (yes I know) then I think this approach works.

I'm about to do this again but wondered if this approach was documented/defined somewhere. I must of heard about it/read about it somewhere but I can't think where.

Does anyone recognise this approach and know where it might be documented?

Thanks in advace,