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    Lightbulb Performance testing and memory leaks in desktop .net app

    I'm thinking of doing a performance test on the application we are currently developing. It is a desktop application ( .net 4.0, SQL Server Express 2012) on windows 8.1. Only one user can use it at a time, so i don't need concurrent users testing. I just want to have the response time on user actions and to try to detect memory leaks. Do you have any suggestion for the approach and the tool?

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    For the user action timing part you can use the profiler built into IE, Firefox, and Chrome. This will be much better than a 'cell phone' stopwatch test.

    If you have LoadRunner you can run with 1 user and enable 'Web Page Diagnostics' for user timings, but doing all of that in your scenario is likely overkill. That being said, you can record common user actions in LoadRunner and keep it running for many hours to look for memory leaks. I am sure you can do similar memory leak checking by simply running for hours with QTP/Selenium/JMeter or other tools too.

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    Based on the description, I would suggest you to simulate using any UI based tool (Not necessary Performance testing tool). Thereafter run the simulation for hours & monitor memory for leakage. I did this once for java based application using QTP & Jconsole & I was precisely able to point the leakage.
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    Desktop app. Thick Client, Net 4.0. QuickTest Pro for automating your tests. Use PerfMon for collection of finite system resource metrics during the test. As most functional test tools are less concerned about resource reporting you will likely need to roll your own analysis session



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