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    Open source/free performance monitoring software for desktop applications


    Can anybody recommend open source/free software I can use to track performance for desktop applications?

    I need to test whether performance has decreased following integration of a new feature when running certain processes.


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    Depends on what you want to monitor. For JVM monitoring you can use jconsole, visualvm. For monitoring systems you can use inbuilt tools of the corresponding OS (for e.g. perfmon for windows). However, there must be other free tools available..
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    Given the amount of information about the architecture of the application, the technical capabilities of your team , your architecture monitoring requirements and your reporting requirements for your application it is only possible to recommend one tool: The human brain. It is widely available. It's capabilities do vary widely based upon exposure to different environments and information so it is recommended you find one with lots of exposure to different information sets to get the best possible output.

    Seriously though, it is time to sit down and rethink your requirements. First of all, ditch the license model. You have no idea what tools will even work with your app. Once you find out which tools are technically capable in your environment and then which tools your team is capable of using EFFECTIVELY then you can bring in license model/costs to figure out which within the ones that will actually do the job are the most cost effective solutions. Even if you wind up paying for a tool in the end, getting a tool with a high match to your needs and capabilities which allows you to test, diagnose and report well will put you worlds ahead of picking a tool which is zero license cost but which is such a poor fit for your technical needs and capabilities that the inefficiencies in deployment far outweigh any license cost you will need to bear for a project.
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