We have created a SOAP request using AppPerfect Load Test by pointing to the WSDL end point URL. When we load the WSDL, all of the methods

would be visible and would get loaded. However, on verifying for the SOAP headers and parameters, I found that not all of the SOAP headers and parameters

were loaded/recognized.

Please note that WSDL loads fine when the xsds (definitions) are present within the WSDL. However, in our current case the WSDL holds the path to the xsds.

The tool doesn't recognize the xsds for any of the methods present in the WSDL.

Please advise for any alternative or a solution so that the tool would be able to recognize the WSDLs and its definitions.

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I tried the following -

1. Modified WSDL as mentioned below to point the XSDs to the same directory as the WSDL file.
2. Moved the XSDs to the directory same as WSDL - <workspace>/Project/recorded/DATE/Actiongroup2/

Now, the recorded folder - "<workspace>/Project/recorded/DATE/Actiongroup2/" has both the WSDL and the XSDs. Also, the WSDL is pointing

to the current directory path ("./filename.xsd")

Previously, the details of the task wouldn't load on the right hand pane. However, after the above modifications, I am able to view certain details.

Unfortunately, we are still not able to see all the elements from the XSD.

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I tried with the latest build. However, I am still facing the issue. The latest builds are:

Mac OS X: