Hi All,
We are planning for a stress Test on our application.
We have the following scenarios-
1.CPU Ramp Up
2. Memory Ramp Up
3. CPU Ramp Down
4. Memory Ramp Down
5.Recovery Time

Can any one help in understanding, how can we achieve CPU Ramp up and Memory Ramp up.

In our application, as the users logs in the CPU usage increases. This behaviour was seen in our stability tests. The CPU hits to ~70% for 1500 users. But memory usage remains at ~ 30-40%.
In our Test for Memory Rampup- Memory usage should be from 70% to 90% ( Each step increment in load should be limited to 5% additional Memory usage). How can we achieve this?
Should we find any transactions which use lots of memory?
As i seem if Memory will hit 70% then CPU will certainly hit ~100% which may cause the test to fail.

If any one performed the above scenario, Please provide inputs. It will be very greatful to proceed.

Thanks in Advance,