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    XMII Performance Testing for app is under Dev Stag

    We have SAP XMII application which is development phase and the application is developed to replace the existing Old XMII.
    Since the application is still under development stage and manual testing still going on, what role can a performance tester play here?

    Is there any possibility of any performance activity to be performed in this case even in absence of tools.

    Please guide me.


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    Re: XMII Performance Testing for app is under Dev Stag


    Your question indicates perhaps you have not done much perf.testing or maybe just some form of rubber stamp testing at the end of a waterfall project. This sort of thinking typically causes the classic problem where any performance issues / bugs are not identified until the last moment creating delays and additional cost to the project.

    Perf. testing should commence as soon as the first lines of code start to get written, before even. Component testing, stub creation, environment setup, planning, all of these and much more *needs* to happen *before* the final build is delivered.

    The best course of action for you right now would be to highlight this risk to your managers. State that you do not have the required experience to properly conduct performance testing and that it would be wise to seek a fully qualified resource as soon as possible.

    I don't mean to sound disparaging to you but it's important to be realistic, if not, you are putting yourself in a position where you will be seen to be responsible for any problems / costs that will arise from you present approach and this will not be good for you.

    Your managers will appreciate your candour and see that you have the best interests of the project in mind and you yourself will perhaps gain from being able to work with someone who can mentor you.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: XMII Performance Testing for app is under Dev Stag

    Please don't write whatever u wish to write and show some politeness while writing. A solution to my query would have been sufficient instead of discouragement. Others have done it in past in this forum when I had posted queries.
    An Early Performance testing Activity is always good if a performance tester is involved right at the beginning of the Application development. But it rarely happens. And we have get into testing activity at end i.e just before when the application becomes functionally stable and ready to go live.

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    Re: XMII Performance Testing for app is under Dev Stag

    Sharing with you all one solution provided by my friend.

    1.Tests can be looked @ component levels are well, if you have a SOA layer for example, performance tests can be carried out using stubs and drivers (no external tools needed) by which user load on a given environment can be created.
    2.You mention that currently there are no performance testing tools within the development phase, in which case one can look @ monitoring the application infrastructure in the context of utilization parameters like CPU/Memory/DB consumption when a standard set of users are using the application manually.

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    Re: XMII Performance Testing for app is under Dev Stag

    Hi Gyami,

    I certainly didn't mean to cause you offence! I wasn't aiming at that and I am unfailingly polite, always. But I typically will write whatsoever I wish if I think it offers the best benefit. And really, I have your best interests at heart here. You asked for a 'solution' so that's what I tried to give you: the best solution for your problem.

    Oh, and you mention that you are currently limited because there are no performance testing tools in your environment - in fact this seems to be the crux of you post. But have you considered getting some? There's a lot of stuff available - JMeter and The Grinder are two popular free choices - if you did that then you could start testing straight away without having to wait until the end of the cycle, just before go-live.

    Anyway, once again, no offence intended,
    Best of luck.



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