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    302 redirection problem for much number of vusers.

    Hi, I am doing load test on an ASP.NET web application and I come acros a 302 redirection problem for Login operation.

    I am using Test Complete 8 Enterprise for Load Test and not sure whether this problem is related to web site I am teting, or related to some recorded task in the testing tool.
    The web site I am testing just redirects users to login page when they enter to url to enter the web site.

    When I start to increase vusers, after some point,
    I get 3 warning for some vusers(and these vusers can not login to web site, They can not send their name and password, I can see it request details.)

    Here is the warnings.
    GET /default.aspx returns "302 Found" instead of "200 OK"

    POST /Login.aspx return "200 OK" instead of "302 Found"

    GET /default.aspx returns "302 Found" instead of "200 OK"

    The other succesful vusers get all same status code for these request as in the recorded task.

    First I tought this problem is related VIEWSSTATE, maybe.

    When I checked Login.aspx file I see
    and for default.aspx nothing for viewstate.

    (all of them HTTP/1.1)
    and here is the request details for "POST /Login.aspx HTTP/1.1"

    in here, I only send username and passwords as parameters
    (no problem here, it works fine up to some point of vusers)

    __WPPS s
    ctl00%24PageContent2%24UserName @usernames
    ctl00%24PageContent2%24Password @passwords
    ctl00%24PageContent2%24LoginButton.x 0
    ctl00%24PageContent2%24LoginButton.y 0

    What I wonder is if this is performance related problem (bcos it starts only after number of vusers starts to incrase) why do I not see 50x related server errors ?
    I look serious because I am serious.

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    Re: 302 redirection problem for much number of vusers.

    I see that post is hard for people.
    I look serious because I am serious.



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