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    Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic

    Can anyone please explain

    Performance testing with JBOSS application platform (Vs) WEBLOGIC application platform

    What are the advantages and disadvantages !!
    Is there any change in Response time/throughput or what factors changes or should consider if applications are on different app servers.


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    Re: Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic

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    Re: Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic

    Now you're embarrassing me !! I know you're a expert but I'm not .I just started learning Loadrunner .I need it in load runner point of view not just comparing the two servers !!! Thanks for googling

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    Re: Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic


    can you clarify your question? what do you mean by: "what are the advantages and disadvantages"? the advantages of what?

    > "Is there any change in Response time/throughput"

    did you test both? is that what your results showed? what are you asking?
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    Re: Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic

    Loadrunner doesn't care WHAT it's hosted on.

    The only way to figure out of there's differences in response times is to test the app on each platform.

    If you can't do that, I don't know what to suggest.

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    Re: Performance testing with JBOSS Vs Weblogic

    [ QUOTE ]

    I just started learning Loadrunner

    [/ QUOTE ]

    There is a path which results in very effective performance test personnel. The path is pretty much the same except for the tool specific items. It sounds like you are at the beginning of the path.

    Step one: Confirm your core skills in programming, software and hardware architecture, bottleneck identification skills independent of performance testing, project management and (critically) your testing skills.
    Step two: Training. In the case of LoadRunner, demand training using vendor manuals with a certified instructor. Sure, you can go other paths, but the evidence from this forum and others shows that other paths are a total craps shoot in terms of usable skills at the end of the training class.
    Step three: Enter an internship/mentoring program. You will progress through Junior, peer and co-leader roles while at the same time picking up information and skills in performance test process, test implementation, specific tool techniques, project management challenges.
    Step four: Become a lead
    Step five: Become a mentor for the next generation.

    If your current employer is not providing you a path through the first three steps then they are doing you and your projects a great disservice. It is the rare exception that does not fall into the performance test success antipattern established by bypassing the development path. One path almost ensures a successful outcome, the other also has a guranteed outcome (just a very unattractive one.)

    Hopefully this message can be a catalyst for a discussion with your management on your's and your team's development in the performance test profession. We welcome questions from management if they seek clarification.

    As to your tool specific question, a facility exists in the analysis utility for loading two benchmarks and examining the deltas between the two. How is covered in standard product training. The effective use of same is typically covered as part of an internship and mentoring program.
    James Pulley

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