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    BAC - LoadRunner

    I have been using HP-BAC to execute LoadRunner script for a while, what I have notice that some of my KPI or transactions doesnot execute in BAC, however when I run the script in Vugen it execute all the transactions! anyone had this issue before? how did you resolve it? thanks in advance

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    Re: BAC - LoadRunner

    There could be a number of reasons for this, from your license to how you generate your KPI data. I have noticed, for instance, that lr_set_transaction() does not work the same way in BAC as it does in VUGEN or within the context of a load test. Also, you will likely have to restructure yoru scripts with a fixed data set to get the consistent sample that you expect with BAC versus the data variability in your test that you desire with a performance test.
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    Re: BAC - LoadRunner

    thanks James for your reply, as usual i always enjoy reading and learning from your posts...

    data are the same data in vugen and BAC, i mean using the same data set, and I have enough number of license....i really donot understand why this happening, why not all transactions are executed in BAC!!



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