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    doubt in using perfmon for my app

    Hi Everybody,
    I am little bit comfortable in using perfmon to monitor an app like wmplayer,cccleaner etc...
    I have a doubt, when it comes to monitoring my app, my app is bascially a batch file which in-turn invokes java and java makes call to JNI methods in a dll.
    Now my doubt is if i monitor only the cmd prompt will it also mointor all those apps that are invoked by cmd and its children ?[i mean if i monitor cmd prompt will it also log the performance of java and the dll too??]

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    Re: doubt in using perfmon for my app

    The cmd prompt will just spawn those other processes. They should still be available on perfmon for monitoring individually. So look for those under perfmon process counter (can't remember the exact name of that counter).

    But if you're going to monitor Java, do it on its own.

    Come to think of it...I'm not sure about the status of the DLL. It's being called by JNI...but I would assume it gets loaded under Windows and not the JVM.
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    Re: doubt in using perfmon for my app

    Use process explorer from sysinternals to see exactly what happens when you run you app. You can then use that to determine how best to use perfmon.



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